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Administrator or Employer Group

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I am a Health Plan or
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Who is One Call Health Solutions?

One Call Health Solutions is a leading company providing specialized and innovative health care solutions. Our expansive nationwide network grants members access to the highest quality providers from coast to coast. We are all working for the same goal, to provide patients and members with access to the highest quality and most appropriate care in order to achieve the best quality of life. 

We help Labor Unions, Third Party Administrators and Employer Groups with Diagnostic Imaging Services

The path to recovery begins with a quality diagnosis.

One Call’s comprehensive nationwide radiology network provides access to high-quality radiologic testing at a lower cost for members and employers providing significant member discounts for advanced diagnostic imaging procedures like MRI, CT and PET scans.

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We help Health Plans and Accountable Care Organizations with Transportation Services

Transportation is an essential, but often overlooked, part of a member’s care.

One Call’s comprehensive transportation program provides members with timely access to necessary transportation for their day-to-day health needs. 

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One Call’s active engagement and ride coordination turned one rider’s “No Show” into a successful trip eliminating unnecessary cancellations and improving customer satisfaction. 

— Happy Customer